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Winter Green and Gold
Devore Velvet Fringed Ruana
Devore Velvet Fringed Ruana
Devore Velvet Fringed Ruana
Devore Velvet Fringed Ruana
Devore Velvet Ruana Fringed
Devore Velvet Finged Ruana

Devore Velvet Fringed Ruana. An elegant combination of deep pile rayon, woven into a sheer silk chiffon base. Colour dances across the surface of the hand painted velvet like liquid silver.

The Fringed Ruana is a limited Edition original design by Jack Brilliant based on the Australian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) The Blue Gum is a rugged evergreen eucalyptus common in Southern Australia. The tallest tree currently known is in Tasmania standing 90,3m(300ft).

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